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Long lead times good or bad?

“Ouch – good for you but bad for us!” This is a response from a potential client when I said we are booked up until September 2019 (4 months lead time). It got me thinking about what a good lead time actually is. What the expectation is and what it means for our potential customers. What does a long lead time show you as a customer? Simply it says we are fully booked and this is a good thing! If we are a company that take bookings four months in advance this shows, we are not a fly by night company. The type of ‘landscaping company’ that showed up on your doorstep on the off chance you needed your driveway doing. Completed the job the next day/week and you never hear from them again. Guarantees are something unheard of…sound familiar? … Continue reading

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How Can You Spot a Rogue Landscaper?

As a customer researching landscaping companies to complete your project, how do you know if they are genuine or rogue? You will see a number of us have affiliations with independent organisations. Association of Professional Landscapers (APL), Marshalls Register and the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) to name a few. You may be asking yourself what do these mean? Why would you care if your landscaper was affiliated or not? This is just one sign that could determine a rogue landscaper from a genuine landscaper. Let’s Look At the APL and What It Means For You. “The Association of Professional Landscapers is a trade body affiliated to the Horticultural Trades Association, which promotes the highest level of standards within the industry. To become a member, a landscaping business must have been trading for at least two years and go through a rigorous … Continue reading

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Large Landscaping Project – Setting Out & Managing

How did we, a small landscaping contractor from Southampton secure a large landscaping project (our largest contract to date) out of area and manage it you ask? Let’s start at the beginning… Bath Rugby Club wanted a large landscaping project completed at their training ground, Farleigh House. They approached Marshalls, as the leading product manufacturer in the UK who put forward three of their best award winning domestic contractors who were a part of their register.The brief was to create a large car parking area, lay paths and create a paved awards atrium with steps (lots of them) for the rugby clubs training facilities situated at Farleigh House.The products they chose to complete the project was Marshalls Antique Silver Sawn Sandstone plus step kits, Scoutmoor Setts for the paved areas and Tegula Drivesett Traditional kerbs. It was imperative that the … Continue reading

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