Will rain stop play for your landscaping project?

Once you’ve got the go ahead from your landscaping company, it’s an exciting feeling. Your plans have been finalised and you are raring for the work to start. But, if you’ve chosen to have work completed in autumn or winter, you need to be aware that sometimes rain can stop play…
Whilst living in Britain, we are occasionally blessed with the odd sunny day, but normally, we are accustomed to the ‘joys’ of rain and drizzle during the autumn and winter months.
You could say we’ve become a nation of hard workers, come rain or shine…but even the best and most dedicated landscapers can’t continue work in some circumstances. We explain why, below.

Landscaping in light, drizzly rain:
The majority of hard landscaping activities can continue in light, drizzly rain, however detailed mortar work, such as pointing and jointing of block-paving with kiln dried sand may not be possible, as the rain weakens the mortar, and may cause the cement to crumble and stain the slabs after the job is complete.

Landscaping in heavy rain:
Heavy rain proves to be more problematic. If the rain is heavy enough, landscaping work can be impossible to undertake, especially paving where the bed will be saturated.

Landscaping in the frost or snow:
With winter drawing closer, we may come across the odd bit of frost, sleet or even snow and these conditions can delay your project. Why is this you may be wondering? If certain landscaping activities take place over cold periods, there are two main risks:
1. The cold may cause certain materials to swell temporarily. When they return to normal, it could risk the paving to sink.
2. The cold can interfere with the curing of cementitious materials.The temperature should be at least 4 degrees and rising for landscaping work to continue.

What can poor weather mean for your project? You need to be aware that your planned start date for work may unfortunately be delayed should poor weather occur. Your landscaping company should keep you updated with any changes to your schedule.
Contact your project manager should you have any queries regarding how weather may affect your planned project.