Why Aura Landscapes Charges For Consultations

Have you asked a landscaping company why they charge for consultations? Maybe not, as it tends to be a taboo subject in the industry. But we are completely open about our consultation fee and here is why…

Aura Landscapes are the most expensive design and build landscaping specialists in your area and we make no secret of this. In fact, we want you to know this before we come out and see you.

Over the last decade, we have always installed the highest quality installations. Our hard landscaping specialists working on your project make sure your outdoor space is compliant with laws such as SuDs, surface water legislation, British Standard of installation and this ensures that it is going to last you a lifetime. This attention to detail & level of compliance does increase our prices, but our clients are understanding and extremely happy with this. They choose to have the highest quality of job as it is better financially, than paying cheap now and paying twice in the long term.

As you can see It is actually cheaper to opt for an expert who will install well and create the garden of your dreams rather than settle for a cheaper alternative that actually costs more in the long term. 

And we strive to offer this quality and value throughout your whole Aura Landscapes experience, from enquiry to installation. Valuing our time (and yours) we decided to charge a small fee for all site visits, £45+VAT.

This way, we can dedicate our time, expertise, and knowledge to you, making your home investment worth it. Whether you want to improve the practicality of your driveway, create a statement entrance to your home or your dream garden.

There are no limits on the number of free quotes you can get from fellow landscapers, but we only want to help clients that are looking for the highest quality of products and installation.

We have found that, these lovely people are more than willing to pay for their consultation and having done so, our clients are on the same page as us. We can give them the time and attention they deserve when discussing their plans for their dream outdoor space.

“Aura Landscapes were the only one to actually provide me with a detailed drawing, showing a very detailed design, so that I would know what the finished garden would look like. None of the others did this. In addition to that, the owner, Mike, was so passionate about it that I knew they would be the right choice. My decision wasn’t based on cost; but getting the right company for me.”

Leading by design and attention to detail. From the creation of conceptual mood boards and designs produced, through to the execution of the build and everything in between.

You see at Aura Landscapes; we pride ourselves on our workmanship and our clients do too. With every installation, you receive a workmanship guarantee, as well as product guarantees to ensure your project is designed and built to the highest standards in the industry.

If there are any queries about the consultation fee, we show potential clients the full value and service they will experience. From the initial site visit consultation where we focus on your vision for your outdoor space, talk through design and ideas, we then provide product samples so you can get a feel for how they might look in your outdoor space.

Then, you receive your personalised quote folder filled with everything you need to make your decision. If you choose to proceed, a second visit to firm up the design and works to be completed (this is free) will be organised. From there we keep our lines of communication open with you until we start the build.

But it really doesn’t end there, if your project is entered for an award and it wins, you get a gift to say thank you. Plus, you officially have an award-winning garden your neighbours will be jealous of.

Also, we do not rest on our laurels. At Aura Landscapes we believe in accreditations and endorsements and we are part of The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL), part of the Marshalls Registered Installer scheme and Trustmark for our clients’ peace of mind.

Should you wish to look into our specifications, business practices, get some testimonials or generally want to make sure you are making the best decision you can, please do speak to any of these organisations who will be happy to feedback on us and our work.

You see want to work with you, but we can only work with clients that want an outdoor space that lasts 15+ years, that has been created by a company that has taken so much pride and care in their designs and installations and over a decade  (and 32 awards) later they are still doing this time and time again, on every project!

“We’re very pleased with the driveway, it looks fabulous. Several people and neighbours have commented on how good it looks and that they’re very envious. Aura Landscapes is not the cheapest, but you definitely get what you pay for.” Colin Cruickshank

When you choose to work with Aura Landscapes you are buying 20 years of design and installation experience, a professional company that adheres to British Standards of installation, grows their employees from the ground up, gives back to the community (through our charitable donations) and most importantly a company that genuinely cares.

We are currently operating a waiting list for site visits due to the restrictions placed upon us during this Covid-19 crisis. To book in your site visit and consultation contact us here