What is contemporary garden design?

One of the first things to decide when investing in your garden is whether you are looking for a contemporary garden design or a more traditional feel.

For the first in this two-part blog series, we’re going to help you decide which style is ideal for your taste and property. So, what is contemporary garden design?

Here are the key aspects of contemporary garden design:

1.Crisp sharp lines

A big part is featuring sleek, sharp lines. As you can see in the garden designs below, although Andy has created two very unique designs, they both include clean lines.

2. Geometric shaped

Usually modern garden designs feature geometric shapes at the core of the design, tying in beautifully with the sharp lines we mention above. As you can see in the garden designs below, both have strong geometric elements.

3. Modern materials such as porcelains, renders and claddings

Porcelain paving is ideal for most contemporary designs, featuring clean lines, beautiful aesthetics and a wide variety of colours and finishes, including porcelain planks as an alternative to high maintenance decking. Renders and cladding also aid in crafting a luxurious, high end and modern finish to your garden.

4. Low maintenance

To fit in with modern living, most contemporary patio designs feature low maintenance materials and elements. This can include evergreen shrubs and small lawn areas. Also, not only does porcelain paving look great but is also a low maintenance option for your garden.

Absorbing less than 0.05% of surface water, porcelain allows little to no opportunity for algae growth, leaving no need to bring out the power washer every couple of weeks. Plus, with little staining thanks to its easy to clean surface and anti-slip properties, it is the perfect solution for your patio.

5. Neutral colour palettes with accent plant colours

Usually, modern garden designs feature colour palettes of green, pale blue, black, whites and greys with accent plant colours (cooler colours).

6. Finishing touches including vertical structures

Vertical structures, pergolas, pleached trees and planters are all elements ideal for contemporary gardens. You can pick and choose depending on your garden and taste, please see some examples below.

Hopefully, this has helped you define contemporary garden design and whether the style is ideal for your garden. Although these six aspects are key to modern design, this blog is a guideline and you do not have to include all elements or be limited to these.

Our speciality at Aura Landscapes is bespoke design, catered to your style and needs. Your garden is in safe hands with our in-house garden designers Andy and Mike, and our multi award-winning installation team.

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