Patio – What can it add to your home?

Thinking about adding a patio to your property but not sure if the investment is worth it? We explore below why more and more homeowners are choosing to rip their old gardens up, and install brand a new patio in its place…

Patio areas are becoming increasingly popular for different kinds of people; those who are time poor and are in need a low maintenance garden, those who wish to spend more time outdoors, and those who seek to add tons of property to their properties.

So, what exactly can a patio add to a property?


Additional Dining and Entertaining Space
Many homeowners feel patio areas can add additional dining and entertaining space, and patiothey aren’t wrong…patios are today being seen as ‘extended living rooms’. And if you thought patio areas are only to be enjoyed in the summer, you’re wrong! The winter is the perfect time to sit out in the garden with a book and nice glass of wine, accompanied by a roaring fire pit, candles and a blanket.

We tend to plough tons of money into our interiors in the UK, and neglect our exteriors. But in actual fact, if you’re looking to add value to your property, installing a patio is a great place to start. Figures suggest that adding a patio with a barbecue or hot tub can add up to £10,000 to a home’s value, with the average house value increasing by 5% – 10%.*
*Read more here!

A low maintenance option for time-poor homeowners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Patios prove to be extremely useful for homeowners who don’t have the option of maintaining their garden all the time. There’s no need to mow, water or do anything to your patio (except from the odd brush now and then!).

Decided the investment is worth it? Great, here’s what to do next!

1. Start to look at products for your patio
We suggest looking at sites like, as they produce quality products that are built to stand the test of time.
Look at Marshalls Stone Standard to find out what characteristics make a quality stone.

2. Start to gather quotes
Make sure you’re only gathering quotes from professional landscaping companies to ensure you will have a quality patio area that will stand the test of time. Professional companies may be listed under:
-The Marshalls Approved Installers Scheme
-The Association of Professional Landscapers (The APL)
-The British Institute of Landscape Industries (BALI)
Search these websites for installers in your local area. Look into their portfolios and previous projects to get a feel of the standard of their work.

3. Consider having a design created
Although this is not crucial, having a design may help you envisage your dream garden more easily, and both you and your chosen landscaper will know exactly what to expect at the end of the project.

Our Patios
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