Traditional Garden Design Using Modern Materials

For the second episode of Behind The Design, we’re walking through a unique and interesting garden… You see, our clients wanted a true traditional feel, using modern products!

Why would they want this? Traditional materials often require more maintenance than modern alternatives.
For example, timber sleepers need to be replaced every 10 years, and sandstone needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent algae build up (depending on the environment).

However, alternatives such as porcelain paving offer an easier solution. Virtually impervious to moisture, little to no algae growth and frost resistant are just some of the benefits of this modern paving option.

You aren’t limited on choice either, with a wide variety of textures, colours and finishes available from manufacturers.

As porcelain paving specialists, we have installed many porcelain driveways and patios over the last 11 years – so this was definitely up our street!

You can watch Paula and Andy walk through the design below:

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