Top 3 things people look at when buying a house!

At Aura Landscapes, we have always believed (and preached!) about the importance of a beautiful outdoor area and the value it can add to your home. Now there is proof!

Research has been carried out to find out exactly what people spend most of their time looking at when viewing a house. Giving the prospective buyers eye-tracking goggles, what they found out was amazing!

  1. Your outdoor space! – The results showed that 95% of the prospective buyers “made a beeline” for the windows, to check out the view. Confirming what Aura already believes, it really is beneficial to have a beautifully landscaped outdoor area.
  2. Large storage spaces 80% looked into big cupboards to have a nosey, so maybe don’t chuck everything in your under stairs cupboard!
  3. Original features – Such as a unique fireplace. These kinds of features were taken notice of by 75% of the prospective buyers, so try to highlight yours!

So there you have it, quite surprising isn’t it?

Although we have always stood by how much your outdoor space can add to the value of your home, often it is left neglected. Still unsure how much you could gain?

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