“They Worked Like Trojans!”

Julie Trim had an old driveway that was just stones on top of mud. It was uneven and for a large space it was not used to its best and didn’t work well for the household.

Julie found that when she was shown plans that Mike had designed, he was very sensitive to designing a driveway that was in keeping to the surroundings. Other companies hadn’t shown the same consideration and tried to push their ideas onto Julie. Mike stuck to a natural feel with a design that added to the property without imposing and complimented the premises.

‘The team worked like Trojans’, Julie said, to get the project done and ‘nothing was ever a problem’. They had a very positive attitude, despite it being quite a challenging project at times. They always had a solution to any problems they came across, and communicated them well. Julie tell us this was a very different experience to the very negative experiences they have had in the past with other companies.

The support Julie got from Mike and Paula throughout the process was great not only supporting her with the project they were doing for her but other projects that were going on and becoming problematic.
Aura Landscapes produced a ‘Fabulous’ end result, that Julie is very happy with. It has stayed a natural, unimposing space while looking smarter and larger and is exactly what they wanted and works extremely well for them. The driveway has bedded in well and still looks great after winter.
Julie was given a quote at the start and it was suggested she should have a £500 contingency for any problems that may occur. This was stuck to with no hidden or unexpected costs being added half way through the project.

Being very happy with the work that has been done, Julie has already been recommending Aura Landscapes to friends and family giving out our company card and will definitely be using us again in the future.