3 Tips Before Speaking To A Garden Designer

With Valentine’s just around the corner, it might not be your partner you’re keen to deepen your love with (quarantine has done enough of that thank you!), but your garden.

It might not be listening to your needs, looking as attractive as it once did or is simply getting old. And yes, we’re still talking about gardens.

There is no better time than now to start enquiring about your dream garden, but how can you prepare?

Here are three tips before speaking to a garden designer:

  1. Have a think about your wants and needs

The first thing we all do when taking on a home project is to envision our dream space, but you also need to consider the practicalities. How are you going to use the space? How much upkeep are you happy with? All things to jot down and include on your enquiry to garden designers.

  1. Keep an open mind

If you have a specific budget in mind, note that on your enquiry. This will help the garden designer see if your expectations and budget align, or if you’re going to make some alterations. That might be just as simple as selecting different products, or a different layout.

The main thing is just to keep an open mind when it comes to budget, with drainage and all the things you can’t see – often the cost of updating your outdoor space costs more than you expect. Also keeping an open mind to design ideas and product options allows the designer to present different concepts to you. 

A great garden designer understands your needs, wants and brings a little more to the table. You might be shocked and happier than if you’d stuck your ground – let them show you their creativity, skills and comprehension of your requirements!

  1. Look at their previous garden designs

Viewing some of their previous garden designs on their website means you can highlight your top three from the bunch. Letting the garden designer know your favourites further aids them in understanding your vision and style for the outdoor space you have. Click here to view Andy and Mike’s garden designs at Aura Landscapes. These award-winning designs showcase our 2D, 3D video and watercolour options for your outdoor area.

And there you have it! What to think about before contacting a designer.
As we mentioned earlier, we’re feeling the love with it being 11 years of Aura Landscapes this month! Thank you to everyone that has supported our family business over the years.

Click here to contact us today, happy Valentine’s!