Small Garden – 12 Tips for the Design & Build

Many homeowners have small gardens and the challenge is what can we do with them to make them usable and beautiful? Read our tips to consider when looking at designing and building your dream small garden space:

  1. Furniture – can take up a lot of space, consider building in seating areas or buying foldaway items that can be stored away.

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    Neutral colours, pots and built in seating in terrace garden (image: Ideal Home)

  2. Fire Pits – can be built into the design and make the area cosy whilst not taking up much space
  3. Use Pots –pots are a must for planting in small spaces and great for roof terraces and balcony gardens too
  4. Lighting – good use of light can make the space seem bigger than it is and the right lighting goes a long way in creating the right atmosphere
  5. Plants – think about size you don’t want  to use overly large plants that will crowd an already small garden
  6. Use the Walls/Fences – climbing plants, wall hanging pots and even (if budget allows) a living wall are great ways to plant up a small garden space
  7. Use of Mirrors – mirror panels are used widely in small garden design to create the illusion of space and create interest and areas within
  8. Mixing Products – such as patio slabs, decking, planters, and decorative stones are great to create different zones in the garden. Make sure the colours are neutral and complement each other.

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    garden transformation using neutral complimenting colours and mixing of materials (image: Aura Landscapes)

  9. Low maintenance – more patio and potted plants means minimum fuss with maximum impact. Perfect for the small garden.
  10. Colour – outdoor colour schemes are extremely important when it comes to small spaces. The key is to keep walls and flooring neutral and light but using vibrant flowers, features and soft furnishings to add depth and colour.
  11. Privacy – this is many homeowners biggest issue the feeling of being overlooked. Why not use cedar fence panels that look contemporary but are a great screen or pergolas strategically placed with climbers to create seclusion and privacy.
  12. Consider a Garden Designer – to ensure you get the most out of the space. Garden designers can visualise your garden and advise on what products to use, colour schemes and overall how it will fit perfectly for your lifestyle. However be aware that garden designs are not cheap and neither is the build. But it can save many costly mistakes and if you want the overall garden to be great you may want to forget DIY and get the professionals in!

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    Small Garden Design (Design: Aura Landscapes)

If you are looking for a professional garden design and build service then just call 02380 434231 to discuss your small garden project.

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