Garden Design For A Sloping Garden, Your Key Considerations

Your sloping garden can definitely be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing and practical space, there are just some key things you need to consider.

Our in-house designer Andy poses these considerations to you:

How is the garden going to be used?

Before looking at paving and design, you must get clear on how you ideally want to use the garden, including any practical requirements. Are you looking for an entertaining space? Child friendly play area with a zen space for the adults? Or to make the garden more accessible?

Have a think and jot down how you want to use the space and any specific areas you want to include.

What is your budget?

Deciding on a budget is crucial for the design and installation process. Not only will your budget affect the material selection, but also the layout and complexity of the design. By having a definitive budget, your garden designer can craft something that meets both your wants and needs, whilst meeting your all important budget.

What is your style?

Although your garden designer will conceptualise your vision into a garden design, they will need some pointers on your style and preferences. Are you looking for a traditional or contemporary touch? Are you looking for clean lines with walls and planters, or a more sweeping, informal style with banked planting?

Are you looking for a lawn area?

If so, lawns are easier to mow in a straight line going with the slope, rather than a curve going against it. This will be a key factor in crafting your garden design.

Does your garden feature a minimal or steep slope?

The depth of the slope is a key factor in designing your garden. A gentle slope can often be covered or disguised, whereas a steeper slope will have to be worked with and have the garden designed around it.

However, do not lose faith if you have a steep sloping garden. There are many ways you can make the gradient look less harsh, by stepping the garden or covering the slope with planting beds.

Here are some 3D CAD visuals for an upcoming design, masking the slight slope:

Aura Landscapes has been designing and installing award-winning gardens for over a decade, with vast experience with sloping gardens. To view more of our garden designs including 3D video walkthroughs, click here.