Regulations in an unregulated industry.

Did you know… landscaping is an unregulated industry?

At least, there are regulations. However, there is no legal requirement for anyone in this field to follow these regulations. This in turn means that anyone can ‘have a go’ and take up landscape gardening as their trade of choice.

Aura Landscapes never compromise on quality. I think we may have mentioned this once or twice before? But there are ‘businesses’ out there that will. The problems that this could create include:

  • Gardens that do not last very long, with poor craftsmanship
  • Dips in patios and driveways, due to poor preparation
  • Flooding because of inadequate drainage
  • Low visual appeal from lack of experience

After spending a sizeable amount of cash to get your garden in tip top shape, it’s not the right result, is it?

These issues would most certainly not occur if they company hired to do the job is building to British Standards; where there are specifications on areas such as (and let’s keep this non-technical):how far you must dig into the ground to create your sub base; and the type of materials that should be used as a base to lay a patio or driveway on.

In addition, there are regulations in place within your local council around drainage, and the type of surface you must have as a driveway. The surface must be permeable, allowing any water to pass through it, and something like tarmac simply doesn’t do the job. In addition, within these regulations, it states that there must be adequate drainage. This can mean large bills to put the work right if the council find out.

In summary?

Aura Landscapes cannot, and will not, turn a blind eye to standards that have been set, and are there for a reason. We believe in them. Others will dismiss these standards; but won’t be able to offer you product and craftsmanship guarantees like we can. If you want a garden that will stand the test of time, we’re your guys!