Raised Flower Bed Ideas

A popular feature in the UK, raised planters can aid a garden design adding a bit of warmth and colour to your garden. Here are some key considerations and raised flower bed ideas:


In the UK, it is very common to use oak and softwood sleepers. Although these are a cheap option, you will need to replace these more regularly than any other material due to rotting and warping. This means the cost difference between wood sleepers and alternative materials becomes quite small over the longevity of the product.

Alternative materials include fiberglass, steel, or brick, all complementing most garden schemes. Plus, brick raised flower beds can further be enhanced using cladding to give a more modern look:

And for the ultimate contemporary look, you can render the brick. Please note, this does take repainting annually to touch up alternatively you can use a K-rend product which should not require painting.


Once you have decided on the structure of your raised beds, the next step is to look at your plant selection. With raised flower beds, you are looking at more maintenance:

  • Watering – Particularly in the Summer months, raised flower beds will usually require more frequent watering. Sometimes, plants will require a good soaking twice a day.
  • Roots – Being planted in a raised bed may restrict root growth. Because of this, it is great to choose plants where it’s recommended to keep the roots under control, like running bamboos. Also, choose flowers like the agapanthus where the plant likes its roots restricted and encourages more flowers.
  • Soil – Eventually the nutrients in the soil will be used up so it will be necessary to feed regularly or refresh the soil.

And that’s it for raised flower bed ideas! If you would like raised flower beds as part of a full garden design, click here to view our garden design packages or here to contact us for a consultation.