Quality Versus Price: Choosing the Right Landscaper

As consumers, we like to think of ourselves as rounded and balanced individuals; and rational judges. This is very much a part of choosing a product or service. The question is should you go for quality over price?

Consider: when you are choosing a holiday, there will be lower cost options; middle of the road; and more premium alternatives. Many would say that they disregard the lower cost bracket, as that is associated with reduced quality and therefore, reduced enjoyment.

This is exactly the same when it comes to selecting your landscaping company.

We have highlighted in our previous articles the pitfalls of low quality craftsmanship, which can ultimately result in a poorly designed and poorly constructed garden. This means that your garden is not going to last for years to come (as you would expect when outlaying significant cost).

Whether you are considering utilising the services and products of Aura Landscapes or not, we are very keen to make sure that customers of our trade are getting the very best for their money; even if this means they choose another provider. As such, we want to share our three key rules with you:

  1. Always check the experience and standards of your landscaper:
    Don’t be caught out. A low price may reflect the quality of the garden, patio or driveway you will end up with; so if it all seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    By all means, stick to your budget, but ask the right questions:

  • What experience do they have?
  • Can they send you photographs of recently completed projects?

    Garden designed and built by Aura Landscapes

  • Can you speak to their previous customers for a testimonial and to see their work?
  • What accreditations do they have – i.e. if they are part of the APL or BALI their work and the company will have been fully vetted and checked out to be of a quality standard
  • Do they hold insurances?
  • How do they get rid of waste? Do they hold waste carrier licences?


  1. Understand your design inside-out

Ensure there is no skimping on quality to make extra profits. Find out:

Hand drawn garden design by Aura Landscapes


  • What type of product is being used – is it a quality product that suits your needs?
  • What sub base are they using and how deep?
  • What product and workmanship guarantees do they offer?
  • Do they install to British Standards?




  1. Ensure they are excited to work with you, and demonstrate this in their service

A worthy landscaping company will show passion, and work with you to design an outdoor space with your lifestyle at the heart of it.

You should ensure that:

  • You see a drawn up design that you approve of
  • See samples of products before making a decision on what to use – for colour in particular
  • The team are in regular contact with you to ensure you are kept well informed
  • Costings and timescales are agreed in advance with you
  • They can give you a copy of their terms and conditions of service prior to agreeing the quote and specification
  • All quotes and specifications are given in writing not verbally

Follow these pointers, and we are confident that you’ll be very happy with the outcome of your landscaped garden and the landscaping company that completed it!