Promoting the Value of Landscaping.

We know the importance of having a beautifully landscaped area, so much so, you may often hear us say…

“Our service isn’t for people who are interested in a standard garden or driveway, our service is for home-owners who want their dream outdoor space brought to life, with painstaking attention to detail, that is built to last and (most importantly) who never settle for second best”

With the summer months approaching landscaping companies will be competing against others to win new customers. Landscapers sometimes price jobs too keenly – certain landscaping companies will slash prices in order to win against others. But what does ‘cheap landscaping’ mean? Will you have to sacrifice choosing quality products? Will you employ a team who are not properly skilled or educated to install your dream garden to the standard that others could?

By putting prices down, companies are not selling the value of their work – which sadly drives down the overall value of the industry. Experts say “homeowners need to realise that creating a beautiful outside space is going to add as much value as the finishing touches on the interior”

Our Top Tips…

  1. If you gather quotes from various landscapers and find one is significantly lower than the others, question this. If the majority of quotes sit around a certain figure and you receive a quote for half the price, alarm bells should start ringing. A quote like this may entail poor products, poor workmanship and lack of skill and knowledge.
  2. Understand why certain landscaping companies charge more. Remember – you pay for quality. By paying a bit more, you are likely to employ a team of landscapers with tons of skill and experience. They will help you pick dream products that will last, and they will install to British standards – meaning your landscaped area could last up to 10 times longer than one installed by someone without experience and knowledge.

To conclude…

“If you think ‘professional’ landscaping is expensive, you should look at the overall cost of ‘cheap’ landscaping.”

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