Grass: Natural or its artificial brother?

The majority of us just love our lawns! Despite the fact they look very untidy, overgrown and a muddy, squelchy grass mess for a rather large proportion of the year.

Come the summer months, we bring out the strimmers, mowers, rakes, weeding tools and the like, in a quest for a perfect summer lawn.

Imagine a world without these tools; a world where you don’t have to frantically charge up and down the garden with the lawn mower, because you have friends coming over for a barbecue in one hour. This is why it’s great to fake it!

Introducing artificial grass!

At Aura Landscapes, we are big advocates and installers of Nam Grass; the artificial grass brand.

Not only does this artificial grass look good, but it is without a doubt a very practical alternative where you no longer have to put all that effort into maintaining your lawn. There are many other benefits:

  • It’s hard-wearing, so fully useable for pet and child recreation
  • It is fade-resistant, and stays green all year round
  • There is no maintenance required, so the days of weeding, mowing and sowing are long gone
  • It will last a very long time; up to 20 years
  • It’s perfect for those that suffer with allergies, like hay fevergrass

We can’t see a reason not to go fake!

Talk to us now about artificial turf, and come the summer, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the grass being greener on your side of the fence!

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