Mr Foster’s ideal driveway…

Roy Foster had spent many years getting his old unsightly tarmac driveway repaired but eventually it had got to the point where it wasn’t fit for purpose and felt like he needed to get something done. He had spoken to a few companies and explained what he had in mind but after chatting with them felt like they hadn’t listened to what he wanted and had tried to steer him towards other ideas and use materials he didn’t want to use.

After feeling very disappointed he spotted Aura Landscapes doing a project down the road and went to have a chat with them. Straight away he was impressed by the professionalism he was met with from John and was given a business card on the site.

Roy got straight on the phone and spoke to Mike who came round for a quote in a matter of days. After so many quotes and not being listened to it was such a relief when Mike spoke to Roy and really seemed to understand what was wanted and came up with plans that reflected exactly what he had asked for.
When work began Roy couldn’t have been more pleased, calling the team “superb”. Roy felt they worked hard, were polite, personable and that they didn’t ever take advantage. They got the work done in the time frame given unlike another project Roy was having done by another company which is still on going.

Roy is “delighted” with the driveway now and feels like it works so well for them. He would definitely recommend Aura Landscapes and will be using them again in the near future. Roy even has the boards at the front of the house proudly displayed still to make everyone aware of who has done such an excellent job of his driveway.