Garden Design Ideas: Low Maintenance And More

Let’s get one thing straight – there is no such thing as a ZERO maintenance garden, and anyone who is promising you this is not being transparent with you. However, you can choose certain low maintenance materials and garden design ideas to ensure minimal maintenance.

Before we begin with these garden design ideas, it is important that you have a think about how much time you can give into looking after your garden and how you want to use your outdoor space. This will inform your decisions on planting, paving and more.

Patio Paving

Choosing paving that lasts the test of time is crucial to crafting a low maintenance garden. Your patio paving should feature minimal cleaning and when cleaning is required, it is just simple touch ups.

For this, porcelain paving is ideal. Featuring not only minimal cleaning, but also little to no algae growth, little staining and anti-slip properties. For more information on the benefits of porcelain paving, click here.


By choosing a gravel or decorative stone area, the garden requires much less looking after. If you are currently thinking about artificial grass, click here to see 4 key considerations to look at before making that decision.


Choosing the right planting is just as, if not more important than the materials above. Plants that require lots of deadheading or have excessive leaf drop can be time consuming. It’s better to choose evergreens or herbaceous plants that only require a cut back once or twice a year whilst still adding structure.

For hardy plants, we recommend choosing general pest and disease resistant plants.

Now we have got the key elements covered, here are some garden design ideas so you can start to see your vision on paper. Click the photos to enlarge:

Ultimately, how you want to use the space, your taste and practicality requirements are the most important things to get clear when designing your garden.

For example, you may want low maintenance paving, but are happy to look after more demanding plants. This is where having a designer can help to sort priorities and craft a bespoke garden design and planting suggestions ideal for your outdoor area.

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