Permeable Paving – Aftercare

What is Permeable paving?permeable

With the 2008 Water Surface Legislation being enforced by councils in the UK, Permeable paving is one of the options homeowners can choose in order to make sure no water passes from their driveway on to public paths and highways. Permeable paving is a great option and this guide will help you look after it and keep it working to the best of its ability!


– Clean up leaves, mud and litter (so they don’t have a chance to clog up the surface!)
– Brush the surface regularly (Especially if any dirt collects on it – by brushing you will avoid the risk of it blocking and not absorbing the water properly.)
– Remove weeds by hand or with a weed burner.


× Put soil, sand or similar material on the driveway (this will block the surface and stop water from soaking in)
× Pour liquids such as oil on the surface
× Mix concrete on the driveway
× Allow the garden areas to drain onto permeable surfaces (if soil is washed into the surface it can block it and prevent it from absorbing water).