Landscaping: Know exactly where your costs go

It’s so important to maximiselandscaping the space potential in your home. And the grounds of your house should not be overlooked. Both front and back gardens can offer some fantastic outdoor living space, and additional parking if this is required. However, this does come at a cost and this often prevents homeowners from considering this as an option. Our experience at Aura Landscapes, is that if we are totally transparent about cost, and explain to our customers exactly where their money is being spent, this helps them in their decision-making process. They can then see how worthwhile this type of renovation is, and that the price tag comes with quality workmanship, and a landscaped garden design built to last.

Let’s explore the landscaping costs. There are three key areas to be aware of.

First of all, preparation is a huge part of the overall bill. Preparation is the difference between your patio or driveway lasting one year, or lasting ten years. Getting this right and ensuring the structure is sound is of utmost importance. The dig-out (how deep we would go) and the sub-base (the material in which your patio or driveway is laid on) must be of a certain standard, depending on the substratum it is being laid on (the underlying soil). It will prevent hideous dips in your paving or patio, that are not easily rectified. We recommend that your landscaper installs to British Standards so that this will never be a problem for you.

Next is the product. This is the material in which your garden is constructed from. We always recommend that quality products are utilised, as once again, this means they last much longer and will generally have a warranty. You get what you pay for, and it’s definitely an area of landscaping that absorbs significant cost.

The other key cost is labour. Of course, there is the preparation and the technical build. But another cost-builder that is often not understood lies in access. Easy access to a property will mean that labour costs are kept to a minimum. However, if access to the grounds are limited, this can mean a lot of additional lifting and shifting of materials, which takes time and therefore, increases expenditure.

If you are considering an outdoor revival, it is always worth getting a number of quotations for your job. However, if the cost is wildly different, then instead of accepting the cheapest, it is worth questioning why. This will give you peace of mind that you are not compromising on quality.