Did a landscape gardener build your house?

We sincerely hope not!  But often, when this question is asked the other way around, the answer can be: ‘yes, a builder did landscape my garden.’

In what has been a difficult economic climate, where there has been a slowing down of housing developments, or a reduction in the number of people that have the cash available to invest in large housing renovations and extensions, builders are able to turn their hand to landscape gardening. From a cost perspective, this often ticks the boxes of cost-conscious customers. However, there are many limitations to not utilising the correct trade, and we at Aura Landscapes are keen to ensure no one unknowingly settles for less than perfection.

So for the development of a landscaped garden, landscaper or builder?

  1. Landscape gardening is not just about the aesthetics of planting. It is much broader than this and can range from building brick walls, to installing a brand new patio, driveway or even a decking area. This requires a completely different skillset to that which a builder has.
  2. To install to British Standards, landscapers need the expertise, experience and knowledge of regulations, such as drainage and base preparation. This is a highly skilled area that builders are unlikely to have. What’s more, areas such as drainage are enforceable by your local council, and therefore, it’s very important that you get it right so that you do not incur the costs of fixing this once your garden is complete.
  3. Landscaping is not cheap for a reason. Quality preparation, high-end products and superior craftsmanship can be costly but this also comes with a guarantee. It’s not the weird, wonderful or wacky designs that bump up costs; it’s merely because the job needs doing properly.
  4. Landscapers will have impeccable attention to detail. It’s a requirement of the job when there are intricate design features. This is a skillset that takes time to develop. Without it, the finish will not be the same.

Our advice? 

Always choose a landscaper to landscape your garden, and always choose a builder to build your home!