How long should you wait for a landscaper to install your driveway or patio?

How long should you wait for a landscaper to install your driveway or patio?

Hiring a landscaper to transform your garden or driveway is a big decision. After gathering multiple quotes and undertaking checks to ensure you aren’t hiring a rogue trader, it’s also advisable to check the start date they offer.

What’s the average waiting time for a landscaping company?

With over 16 years’ experience in the industry, both working for other landscaping companies and successfully running his own, Aura Landscapes’ Director Mike Warman has found reputable landscapers will have at least 1 months waiting time.

There are factors that can affect this, such as customers encountering unexpected circumstances and cancelling their project.This would make an earlier start date available. Or weather delays and projects overrunning can delay start dates given.

Another consideration is the time of year. The landscaping industry experiencing peaks at certain periods. With a new year, we all look towards a fresh start in January and transforming your home can often become a New Year’s resolution.  This creates an influx of enquiries for patios and driveways. The summer months offer a similar story, and are the main peak for any landscaping company. Both periods increasing waiting times dramatically.

In contrast, leading up to Christmas will be quieter with the focus on the festive season, and can often reduce waiting times. If you are looking to have your landscaping completed in time for Summer, start gathering quotes and speaking to landscapers in Dec/January. This will ensure you will have time to plan the project and enable you to choose a landscaper thats right for you.

Why should you consider the company’s start date before booking?

If your chosen company offer a near immediate start date, it’s wise to bear in mind the factors of unexpected circumstances and time of year.

If you’re at all concerned about the shortness of the waiting time, ask for the next available start date or query it with the company. Any reputable landscaper will be more than happy to answer your queries to ensure you are comfortable with the decision to hire them.

When is the best time to book your patio or driveway?

With the run up to Christmas, the end of a year is always quieter for landscaping companies. If you want to transform your outdoor area to a specific deadline, a great time to gather quotes is in September. After finalising the booking with your chosen company, you will most likely have completed your project before the end of the year.

However, this will vary with each company, and you can often have a waiting time of over 6 months. Although this may seem a lengthy period, you should consider booking.

Even though the deadline may be longer than what you initially wanted, an extended waiting time is another pillar in place confirming you’re hiring a reputable company. The benefit being that they are going to provide you with an outdoor area that will last a lifetime.

There are countless stories of homeowners who’ve been ripped off by a rogue trader, and have ended up spending double the amount to correct the issues. Click here for an example on Watchdog.


If you have a deadline for your outdoor area, and the waiting time is a key factor in your decision – just ask. Waiting times will vary and to ensure you’re not wasting your time, we recommend asking during your first contact with a company. They should be more than happy to answer this, and you will quickly find a suitable landscaper for you.

Aura Landscapes currently have a wait time of 3 months. If you have any more queries please contact us on 02380 434231. See more of our quality projects on our portfolio page