Get your garden summer ready! – Perfect plant pots

Fed up of the cold and dingy weather? The summer sun feels like a lifetime away, but before you know it we’ll be back to bright blue skies and glorious sunny days!

Has your garden been a bit neglected over the winter months? To get it looking great again for summer, now is the ideal time to start adding the finishing touches and exciting features to jazz up your garden area. This is the first in a series of blogs that will help you do just that!

Many underestimate the beauty of plant pots. They are an easy way to complete your dream garden, and compliment a wide range of surfaces. Whilst looking great on your patio, or next to your garden shed they also have the added benefit of being easy to move around to suit your mood.

First of all you need a pot, and don’t worry, there are a wide range to choose from! One of which is sure to meet your taste and budget!

  • Clay or Terracotta – These attractive pots are great for your garden. To prevent them becoming waterlogged and reduce the risk of frost damage, try and buy a frost-proof pot or you can stand them on “feet” over winter. Clay or terracotta is also great if you like to add that personal touch! Buy a plain pot and some suitable paint, and you can easily channel your creative side!
  • Metal – Metal pots are perfect for adding to your modern style landscape. Metal pots are frost-proof and are less prone to drying out like clay.
  • Plastic – Plastic pots are lighter than clay and there are a huge variety available! There are even some that look like terracotta pots, and offer a cheaper alternative.
  • Wood – If you are looking to grow fruit trees, wood can often add a nice touch. However wood does rot, but you can extend the lifespan of a wooden pot by lining it with plastic sheeting that has holes in the bottom. You can also paint the wood with a preserver.
  • Other – There are many other materials that you can use, some of which you may have lying around the house. Empty compost bags are great for growing potatoes, whilst old pots, jars and tins can make unique containers.


Now how to make your perfect plant pots!

  1. Once you have chosen your container, add a peat-free multi-purpose compost to about three quarters full.
  2. Add your plants! It is wise to think about a central focal point, maybe a tall plant with beautiful large flowers or a climber that can grow with support.
  3. Contrasting colours or textures make bold displays. Try trailing plants, such as Helichrysum or Lysmachia, as they will spill over the container edge creating an elegant overflowing effect.
  4. Leave 5cm (2inches) between the top of the soil and the top of the container. This will prevent compost from spilling over the edge when watering.
  5. Your pot is complete! When placing your pots, consider putting them onto pot “feet”, as they ensure any excess water drains away freely, and makes them easier to move to another position.

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