Get Your Dream Garden In Time For Summer 2022

WOW! What a year 2021 has already been. Most of our recently booked clients said the same thing – all this time at home confirmed it’s time to make a change to their garden. And if you’re reading this, we can guess you feel the same.

Your garden can provide a place of sanctuary, entertainment and more – we just need to help you get there. And we can do so in time for the Summer of 2022*!

That may seem a long wait, but it’s actually a GOOD thing you have some time before installation. Here’s why:

  1. We’re in high demand for a reason – Our creative in-house garden designer Andy, and specialist landscaping teams offer the very best expertise for your outdoor space. You can find out more about our team here.
  2. You have time to perfect the finer details – with some time before installation, you have more time to perfect the finer details with our team. Whether that’s outdoor lighting, planting, paving colours or anything else!

You can see some of our recent installations below. If you would like to get in touch, click here.

*As of 6th July, 2021. Please note if you are reading this in the future, you may not be able to book in before Summer 2022.