Exposing Paula Warman – Serial Entrepreneur

With vast experience in Sales and Marketing, it’s no wonder that Paula Warman was in a fantastically strong position to head up Aura Landscapes as Managing Director.

Paula really is a feisty femme fatale in a male dominated industry. She tells me she is simply a ‘go-getter’: “I need to succeed and achieve in all I do, and that means quality and care. My customers’ needs, and subsequent satisfaction with the outcomes of their garden are of paramount importance. So to do this, my landscaping team needs to ensure they are dedicated to making the customer happy and providing project management that is second to none. This is my customer promise and I strive to provide this.”

Paula regularly rubs shoulders with the top dogs of the landscaping world and was recently interviewed by Marshalls, the leading hard landscaping manufacturer. Her reputation in the industry continues to flourish in a positive fashion, in line with the growing success of her business ventures.

Paula started out in retail sales, where she built a strong skill set in face-to-face sales and customer service delivery. She quickly developed further when moving into people management and strategic business management.

Now, not only is Paula aiming to build Aura Landscapes’ reputation as ‘the’ landscaping company on the South coast. She is also busy helping other entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses, as co-founder of Southampton Business Exchange (SBE), which launched in October 2013. SBE is fast becoming known as a game-changing networking group in the local area, where serious business entrepreneurs convene to exchange business, tap into each other’s knowledge, and continually grow their businesses. Paula believes SBE is a networking group with a difference:

“It’s a not-for-profit venture. All money made from our group is ploughed back into marketing activity that will help our members to grow and develop. We recently paid for an exhibition stand at the Southampton Business Show, to promote both our networking group and our members’ businesses. This is the type of activity we will continue to evolve over time because small businesses can’t afford to do this alone. Our philosophy is all about helping our members to grow. The small business world and self-employment can be a very lonely place, and incredibly daunting. Especially for start-ups. We exist to ensure we give them the best possible chances of success.”

So what’s next for Paula Warman?

“I intend to continue the nurturing of Aura Landscapes. It’s such a great business and we genuinely care about quality workmanship and customer service. I also want to continue with helping the evolution of the small business sector. I have some little gems in the pipeline!”

Interview by Victoria Vickery, V:Squared Marketing