How One Apprentice Has Become A Lead Landscaper

Our first apprentice landscaper

In 2015 we, Aura Landscapes, were growing the teams and decided to hire an apprentice. This was a new concept for us having always recruited new staff in the usual fashion. However, working with Sparsholt college we decided to take the plunge.

We had about six apprentices get to the interview stage and one apprentice applicant walked in wearing a suit (no-one else did!) this made me so happy. I felt that it showed professionalism and that he had taken the application and interview seriously.

I wanted to hire him straight away but Mike, my husband and business partner, wasn’t so keen as he had no experience in labouring or the landscaping industry. So, we offered the role to another applicant who was slightly older and ad more experienced.

Thankfully that applicant didn’t accept the role at Aura Landscapes, so I had great delight in offering the role to Luke McKay – the one in the suit who was our youngest member of the team at only 18 years old.

Luke our rising star

Luke has been the one member of staff who has stayed with Aura Landscapes from apprenticeship to lead landscaper. In the last five years he has completed and passed his apprentice with Sparsholt College, worked with highly skilled landscapers in the company to learn the ‘Aura Landscapes’ way and worked on many of our award winning outdoor projects that he should be immensely proud of being part of.

It was always a belief of ours to grow the company through young, keen, motivated individuals and feel that apprenticeships are a great way to grow a landscaping company. We had a number of apprentices in the last 5 years come and go as they realised landscaping is hard work. They were unaware of the level of skill that goes into creating bespoke outdoor spaces for our clients, how much emphasis we put on quality and professionalism and how manually unforgiving the trade is.

Into the next decade of Aura Landscapes

Fortunately for Luke the effort, commitment and ambition has paid off in dividends. He is now a key, integral member of the Aura Landscapes team. Luke is involved with how the business is set to grow and develop over the coming years, who our next member of staff might be and leads a team of his own on site to deliver high quality landscaping solutions for our clients.

We are extremely proud of his commitment to Aura Landscapes and we hope he will continue long into the next decade with us.

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