A major driveway revamp in Totton

Mr and Mrs Cole’s old, uneven and dirty driveway was in need of a major revamp. Having problems with drainage, and the fact it had lost its attractive appeal, Jane and Ron Cole decided a new driveway was just what they needed.

They decided to contact Mike, who went out to discuss their wants and needs for their new outside area. Although they could not decide on a colour or design they both liked, one thing they did agree on, was that they were in dire need of a spruce up. Mike came along with a product that they really liked the look of, so they gave the go ahead, and Aura Landscapes started work on their property a few weeks later.

We asked Mr and Mrs Cole on their thoughts of the team during the installation process, to which Jane responded, “They were fantastic! I was so impressed with how much of an effort they had made to cause as little inconvenience as possible.”
Jane adds, “They offered to set up a porter loo, and although this was not needed, they were so conscious of health and safety and made sure that when they left our property, no mess was left, no nothing! There was no sign of work being completed in their absence, which was great.”

When asked about the end result of their new driveway, Jane and Ron tell us that they were “Gobsmacked and delighted.” They add in, “It has exceeded our expectations.”
“There was a slight issue with the drainage after the work was completed, and we knew we could call Aura back with no problem at all; they came out in no time at all.” Mr Cole adds.


When asked if Mr and Mrs Cole would recommend Aura Landscapes, they reply, “We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Aura Landscapes, and in fact have done so already!”