A dream patio for Mr Beckett

After having had a new conservatory added to his property, Mr Beckett decided a new patio area would complement the area. After reaching out to different landscaping companies, he chose Aura Landscapes, after feeling they captured his vision “brilliantly” and created “a great design”.

When asked about the team during the installation process, he thought them to be “very good” throughout, and was “very pleased with the standard of which they installed”.

Upon completion, we asked Mr Beckett what he thought of the end result, to which he replied that it was “a much better environment” and also added that they “really enjoy using their new patio area”.

Mr Beckett tells us he would definitely recommend Aura Landscapes to his friends and family. He tells us that throughout the whole process “there were no hiccups” and that “it was well worth the money”.