5 Ways to Detox in your Garden!

We all have tried those detox programmes that should dramatically improve your health in a matter of days. However, many of these don’t make a difference.

Here are five easy ways you can detox whilst making the most out of your garden!

1. Gather herbs and leaves – Research shows that bagged herbs have reduced vitamin levels due to being in storage. So why not grow your own? There are so many health benefits, with fresh leaves stimulating the liver and kidneys, which helps to remove toxins. The best herbs for this are bitter tasting herbs, such as:

• Dandelions
• Milk thistle
• Chicory.

You can add them in your cooking, or make some dandelion leaf and honey tea. Also, fresh rosemary and sage are believed to have antioxidant, neurological and anti-ageing properties.

2. Forget the gym! – Gardening is great exercise and uses lots of calories. An hour’s intense workout in the gym is the equivalent to three hours spent whilst gardening. However, some people suffer from injuries because they have poor posture whilst gardening. Make sure your gardening tools have long handles so you can ensure you are at the correct posture, and you can also undertake Pilates or Yoga for 15 minutes a day to prevent injuries.

3. Plan Projects – Arguably the greatest thing about gardening is that you will want to garden regularly, meaning you are consistently improving your mental and physical health. Create projects for yourself, or think of areas in your garden you wish to update. This will help with your motivation to get outside!

4. Take a plant to work – The air in centrally heated offices and houses may suffer from Sick Building Syndrome, which is caused by polluted indoor air. This can cause headaches and nausea. Indoor plants help to increase humidity and remove toxins.

5. Enjoy your garden – Design your garden so you enjoy it. If you hate mowing grass, why not consider artificial grass? If you hate weeding, reduce your borders – and start each session with a job you like doing to entice you out!