3 Benefits To 3D Garden Design

If you are considering a garden design for your outdoor area, you may be overwhelmed with the variety of designs available. From hand-drawn to 2D & 3D and now the more specialist 3D walkthrough garden design services, which is right for you?

Each garden design option has its own benefits, but you’ll find it largely depends on your budget.

Although it’s the most expensive option, 3D garden design images and video walkthroughs provide three massive benefits to the planning and execution of your dream outdoor space.

View the numbered options below, or watch a summary from our in-house designer Andy:

  1. Showcase the atmosphere of your outdoor space

3D garden designs are extremely effective at capturing the mood and atmosphere of your future outdoor space, as you get to ‘sit’ in your garden and actually visualise what it may look like.

  1. Assess the garden from different angles and heights

For gardens that have multiple levels it really helps to see the design at different angles. For example; raised planters, level changes and steps, pergolas and structures etc. Andy includes real materials into the designs so that you can see how they will work together, with realistic texture and colours.

  1. View planting suggestions and how shadows will appear

All planting suggestions are added at the real height and create an authentic look. Trees and shrubs will all cast shadows, so the 3D garden designs will help show where they will fall. Here are some examples of 3D Garden Design videos and images below. Click here for more information about our garden designs, or click here to contact us.